This is the sequel to the combined Not Another Cope post thread first aired in early 1998. Read that page first , otherwise it won't make any sense at all. 
The Return of 
Yet Another 
Cope post .

dlang started it off again with this piece of rampant paranoia.....
Subject: RE:a quick Glosteresque posting.
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 00:00:25 +0930
From: dlang 
Organization: sharktrades

-- Bayard informed us blithely

>The Frogs! I have frogs living both inside and outside the house. Chris
and I counted six - a new record - when we sat by the pond after the other
humans had left. I love frogs. The Quail amazed us by communing with
them. I think he hypnotized some of the younger ones. The big elders
eluded him, for now.

HA, you forget the Quail was once a science teacher. This benign stuff is just a front!.
he learnt that trick so it would be easier to dissect the poor little buggers . He
probably did the same to the kids he taught before he inducted them into his fiend cult
and persuaded them to do away with their parents and deed their goods and chattels over
to him. I can just see him tut tutting away in the staffroom and nodding sagely to the
head about their heinous crimes whilst all the time he would be chuckling fiendishly
behind his bland facade knowing that it was just a matter of time before he would move on
to higher things and greater world domination in the Big Apple, a turn of events that I
for one have found very disturbing.

Has anyone noticed that the stock market has taken a turn for the worse since the Quail
moved to NYC ? Coincidence ?, I think not!

Clintons fortunes have also taken a dive . The Quail has probably been feeding juicy
tidbits to The Special prosecuter and the odious Mr Drudge as well as arranging the
bombing of Sudan and Afganistan , unrest in Malaysia and the various Asian economies via
his front as a drone in an advertising agency. He now sits in front of a terminal for the
entire day! The possibilities for interference and the fomentation of global unrest are
endless !!.
His duplicity knows no bounds!!!!

Yet one has to say . he's bloody good at doing a snow job. Alas poor Bayard, he has taken
you in , hook, line and sinker.

Oh woe!!!!.

However there is now an antidote to his vile panderings .

My setting up of the Posse page is a key part of the Friends Of Feg counterinsurgence
policy. Masquerading as a showcase for the written noodlings of the absurd Surreal Posse,
it is in fact our way of informing the world of the dread potential of this hideous global
conspiracy .As such it will be promulgated through every major search engine using our
hack proof 'Global Override ' software, which subsumes every other known URL in existence
, So whatever search mechanism or topic one uses they will ALL lead directly to the
QUAILSPIRACY PAGE on the Posse site. Thus the world will be alerted to the existence of
the universal nature of the plan to destroy us all and the military can happily nuke the
Quail out of the picture and put all that nice hardware to good use at long last.

So B ,read Professor Fanes dire warnings on the Posse page and see the error of your ways
.Cease this gushing propaganda for the fiend Quail and his minions, or I ( once again )
prophesise DOOM for the entire list, etc, etc, etc.......
dave .

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 11:45:08 -0700
From: Mike Runion 

dlang wrote:
> My setting up of the Posse page is a key part of the Friends Of Feg counterinsurgence
> policy. Masquerading as a showcase for the written noodlings of the absurd Surreal Posse,
> it is in fact our way of informing the world of the dread potential of this hideous global
> conspiracy

Ah, and what a glorious site it is. Good work, comrade Lang! Ah, the memories...

I feel the long-awaited hour is nearly upon us, when we will begin our combined assault
against THE TOWER, whatever that may be. Recall that the forest surrounding this diabolical
place is awash is the eerie warblings of certain small misshapen birds.

Both Miles and I now stand strong upon our glowing Julian Cope 12" picture discs, hovering
safely a foot or so above the wet early morning British soil. Across the cliff-side moor, the
other members of the Surreal Posse are gathering. Hastily pulled from new JanSport backpacks
(the ones that we all received recently in the mail from an illegible New York City address),
cones are brandished like talismans, their odd scribble drawings only hinting at the unique
powers each possess. While it may just be a trick of the light, I believe LJ actually has a
cone with a "sweetie" on top! I sigh, secure in my belief that the hands of fate may truly be
on our side. Ah! Zelda is here too, clutching the wonderous, yet still unviewable (in the
Virtual Cone Museum, that is) plastic tomato! Susan and Scary Mary, dazzlingly bedecked in
what appears to be slick black leather, slide away towards the cliff edge, making a pathway
for a small cloaked and hooded figure, a brilliant circular Thoth head adorning her back.
While I can't quite see within the folds of the ancient looking robes, I choke back a cry of
glee at the headless tin-foil Liam floating mystically in her upturned hand. The male
continguent of the Posse stand ready behind this holy squad. I don't quite understand the
tiny conglomeration of Dave, Hal and others, all adorned in the brashest tie-dye shirts I've
ever seen, but I'm sure all will become evident in the days ahead. Bayard and woj take up the
rear, handling expensive looking DAT recording equipment; Eddie is nearby, dancing twirling
circles around the giant that is Lobsterman, spouting strange quotes filled with "fuck" and
"dude". Terrence is clutching what appears to be a VHS copy of the Monkees "Head" movie (a
tuft of Missouri hair spins at the mention). Danielle and James are already scouting out the
dark brush at the edge of the clearing, he calling "Ki!" and she replying "Wi!", in hopes of
not losing one another amid the smarmy vines and very out-of-place tropical vegetation. Chris
Gross and Pathetic Doug are each toting two guitars apiece, one acoustic and one electric. A
high-pitched sci-fi pszzzzz! fills the air as Nick, Sharkboy, and Russ make way for Tom Clark
as he crests over the edge of the cliff atop a platinum s.t.a.r.c.a.r., a stunning hovercraft
vehicle equiped with what looks to be six iMac workstations. Several fegs hastily hide the
apples they were eating behind their backs.
The sun is climbing higher into the clear morning sky as yet another band of fegs pours over
the cliff face in some skewered version of D-Day. Mike Godwin, Capuchin, Gary Assassin, Ben,
Ross... Miles points out Eb (in a yellow striped Denise Sharpe shirt) and Ken Sabatini
(clutching his reissue of "The Diaries of Debbie Flosshilde") standing side by side! Oh my
god...what tremendous powers this group might be capable of unleashing! Miles and I flash
quick drude symbols and crouch down in preparation for the coming battle...

The Tower of Quail beckons us onwards.

Mike Runion Cocoa, FL, USA

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