EB(or Vinnie as he was allowing me to call him ) had expressed a desire to be insulted in good old Aussie slang, so I obliged when he posted the little Ebisme below.. 
Subject: re: to St mark the sharked

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998

From: dlang

Quail wrote:

>I wanna get outta Dodge before Nietzsche's abyss has the last

>laugh, know what I mean?

And that flash bastard Vinnie replied

>I didn't know you were ever in her.

Well I'll be a monkeys dork if old Vinnie here hasn't gone and given me the excuse I asked for to go on the offensive and get stuck into the bugger for impuning the reputation of Ms Dodge. Don't come the raw prawn and act like a bloody sky pilot you bloody trouser snake. If I'm right,you were implying that the Quail was slipping the sheila a length of the beef bayonet. Not on my son , not on, stop acting like a bleeding rod walloper, sort out your act, or I'll go crook on yer and give yer a bunch of fives round yer bracket until I'm bloody shagged out and I'll snork my king sized green gollies at yer to boot, if you're not careful.

I hope yer can take the hint yer dag or I'll make sure you end up a cot case and thats gods own truth, you piss artist!

Now I'm sure miss D doesn't need this old fart to stand up for her, and if she takes this amiss, then I'll feel like a hat full of arseholes and I apologise pronto,but I'm sure Vinnie will be pleased as he's been begging for a mouthful for weeks,I bet hes gone mullagatawny just reading this.

Digger dave 


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