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The Knebworth Park Festivals.

Knebworth Fair : 6-24-78.

Genesis,Jefferson Starship, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Devo, Brand X, Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Civil Aid Report .

National Volunteer Civil Aid Services

Report of Civil Aid activities at Knebworth
1. Emergency Force
Required to stand guard on 2 lighting towers all Friday night .Drew injured people out of the crowd during a tin-throwing incident in the arena. Assisted with manning the information points on the campsite and in the arena.
2. First Aid
Until Sunday morning referred people to St John Ambulance, dealing with minor cases only.
On Sunday morning St John Ambulance withdrew from the campsite.
Civil Aid then dealt with 30/40 cases, including burns and 6 cases of food poisoning. 3'
Other Items
It was reported to me that £1 was being charged for chicken and chips and 65p for a hamburger. Our tent at the campsite was approached by a number of people who had run out of money and required food.
This was provided without a charge. It is in my view essential that Civil Aid be permitted, whatever other catering arrangements exist, to run a low-cost kitchen, particularly as you will have seen from the First Aid section, that food poisoning cases were dealt with, although it is not clear if this resulted from commercial caterers.
Robin Meads

4th July 1978



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Not another boring old Knebworth 9-9-78

Knebworth festival products

Various versions of promoter Freddy Bannisters Knebworth commemorative setsare now available

( NB : The Archive has no commercial ties with Freddy Bannister or his products , we've found that they are generally quite good value as they are well packaged and of reasonable quality and of course , there is nothing else "official " out there, so if you want a commemoration package and you are willing to spend the dough on it, then go for it. One word of warning though , The Bath Festival T shirts we were sent were nice looking but the print washed out after a dozen washes, so if you buy them, its perhaps best if don't wear them too often.

if you have any issues with the quality or delivery of any of these products please do not ask us to sort out your problems. We include this information to inform our viewers about the availablity of these items .

Please note that some of the audio sets on the bonus discs supplied with the boxed sets are audience tapes and vary considerably in quality . to our knowledge ,most have not been improved by remixing , so they are no better ( or worse ) than the free versions that have been in circulation for many years. Our advice is to check out the sources and read reviews of the items before you buy ) .

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